Other Journalism

Though I was first published as a restaurant reviewer, I quickly started writing in other sections of newspapers and magazines. My music commentary has appeared in Bam Magazine, Music Connection, the LA Reader, CityBeat, and the Easy Reader, and I’ve also written book reviews, science articles, and features about life in Los Angeles for various local, regional, and national publications. Some of these pieces have been reprinted in countries I’ve never visited, and it amuses me to think of my writings being read in Afrikaans, Arabic, and German. The articles on this page are some of my favorites…

Steaming Ahead” – An interview with Stanley Steamer enthusiast Ron Schroeder

The Long Straight Line” – A drive on Figueroa Street, where the past and future look a lot brighter than the present

Angels And Aliens” – A short history of how Los Angeles has been portrayed in science fiction

Space Cowboys” – A cover story about the X-Prize, including an interview with Dick Rutan

Spaceport Mojave” – A follow-up article about the commercial exploitation of space

Shortest! Smallest! Least!” – A guide to the most insignificant landmarks of Los Angeles.

Fashion – The Long View” – An interview with Dr. Elizabeth Barber about the history and prehistory of dressing in style.