History of Rum

Welcome to all who appreciate a beverage with a long and fascinating heritage!RFossRumPromo1

When I wrote “Rum: A Global History,” there were things that had to be left out, some for space considerations, some because they were interesting stories or images but not vital to the book. A lot of fascinating information wasn’t included because I didn’t receive it before the book went to press.

This website will not duplicate the book, but will expand on the information and ideas that are there, and provide a place to stretch out and discuss the more controversial aspects of rum history. I welcome questions and will conduct research to answer any inquiries you may have. I would like this to be a place where you can contribute to the understanding of what rum has been at various times and places – some periods are not well documented, and if you have data you are willing to share, there is a community of beverage history aficionados who will be grateful.

Read on, preferably with a glass of something interesting at hand…

Richard Foss

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