In honor of Boston rum…

Originally posted 31 May 2012

The theme of today’s post is Boston, where Felton & Sons made rum for centuries in this building:

feltonsdistillery_03Felton and Sons sold the building to the Mr. Boston company, which continued making rum there until the 1980’s. While doing so they distributed tens of thousands of copies of the Mr. Boston’s Bar Guide, and those little red books are part of many amateur bartenders’ collection.

The city of Boston is being celebrated because my book just received a wonderful review in the Boston Globe. I am grateful for the attention the book has been getting, and thank everyone who has reviewed it in newspapers, their blog posts, and on Amazon. I don’t have a big advertising budget, and even if I did, I could not replicate the honest actions of people who just write about what they like. I am sure that most authors feel the same way that I do, but unlike many of them I have a place to say it. Thank you.