The Least Convincing Mascot in Advertising

Originally posted 27 April 2012

Stroh of Austria has an endearingly odd way of making their commercials memorable. Their original mascot was a stylized bear, and as time has passed the bear has become less and less lifelike. Even when the bear is rendered in a drawing, it looks like a guy wearing a rented bear suit that doesn’t fit very well. This first ad is not too bad, with the mascot resembling a bear cub that has been stuffed by an unimaginative taxidermist.


This one looks like he at least enjoys drinking the product he is advertising::StrohBear2

And then we have this awesomely lifelike fellow:StrohBear3If you are camping and are suddenly face to face with a cuddly looking ursine with rum on his breath, that is probably him. (Images used by permission of Stroh & Co.)