An Unlikely Artifact of the Airship Era…

Look at the grandeur of a dinner aboard the Hindenburg, the tables set as nicely as any restaurant of the era, starched linen shining, elegant china made just for the company set with mathematical precision…hindenburg-dining017web

The sense of solidity is so illusory – between fiery crashes and deliberate destruction, it all must be lost. Or is it? I was quite surprised when I found this at an airline memorabilia show in San Francisco:

ZepCHinaIt turns out that the company recognized that despite the renowned stability of the zeppelin, a higher level of breakage might be expected than at a restaurant on the ground, so they had a lot of extra dinnerware made. Alas, this wasn’t in my budget at the time so I couldn’t take it home, but even getting to see it was awe-inspiring.